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The state of Texas has a broad definition of theft, but it generally involves unlawfully taking property belonging to someone else with the intention of depriving them of the property. The most common forms of theft include shoplifting, robbery and car theft.

If you have been accused of committing a theft crime, you need to speak to a Houston theft crime lawyer as soon as possible. If convicted for a theft crime, you could be facing serious punishments, depending on the value of the property you have been accused of stealing.

Often charged as misdemeanor offenses, theft crimes can carry the following consequences:

  • Property valued at less than $50 – Class C Misdemeanor with a $500 fine
  • Property valued at more than $50 but less than $500 – Class B Misdemeanor with a $2,000 fine and a 180-day jail sentence
  • Property valued at more than $500 but less than $1,500 – Class A Misdemeanor with a $4,000 fine and 1-year jail sentence

Many people accused of theft crimes believe that there is no way they can defend themselves against the charges, especially if there is incriminating evidence. With the help of Attorney Mark Morasch, you may be able to clear your good name, and avoid conviction and harsh penalties.

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During his more than 20+ years of experience, Attorney Mark Morasch has helped thousands of individuals fight criminal charges, including those related to theft. A former prosecuting lawyer, he knows exactly the kind of defense strategies his clients will need to help obtain a favorable case outcome. He has an excellent track record to prove it. His clients are his top priority, which is why he makes himself available 24/7.

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