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Intoxication manslaughter is a very serious offense in Texas. These DWI charges involve the serious bodily injury or death of another person in an auto accident where one of the drivers was intoxicated. Prosecutors are extremely aggressive in their pursuit of a conviction for intoxication manslaughter or assault. It is very important that you have a defense lawyer who is equally aggressive.

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Penalties for Intoxication Manslaughter

Intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault are felony drunk driving offenses. If arrested for intoxication manslaughter or intoxication assault a conviction can result in penalties of not less than two years and up to 20 years in Prison, and/or a $10,000 fine, or Probation for five years to 10 years and a mandatory driver's license suspension.

Texas Penal Code Section 49.07. INTOXICATION ASSAULT.(a) A person commits an offense if the person, by accident or mistake: (1) while operating an aircraft, watercraft, or amusement ride while intoxicated, or while operating a motor vehicle in a public place while intoxicated, by reason of that intoxication causes serious bodily injury to another; or (2) as a result of assembling a mobile amusement ride while intoxicated causes serious bodily injury to another. (b) In this section, "serious bodily injury" means injury that creates a substantial risk of death or that causes serious permanent disfigurement or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ. (c) Except as provided by Section 49.09, an offense under this section is a felony of the third degree.

Texas Penal Code Section 49.08. INTOXICATION MANSLAUGHTER. (a) A person commits an offense if the person: (1) operates a motor vehicle in a public place, operates an aircraft, a watercraft, or an amusement ride, or assembles a mobile amusement ride; and (2) is intoxicated and by reason of that intoxication causes the death of another by accident or mistake. (b) Except as provided by Section 49.09, an offense under this section is a felony of the second degree.

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