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Texas has some of the heaviest penalties in the nation for drug crimes. Where some states have partially legalized or decriminalized marijuana, this is not the case in Houston or the rest of the state. There is a huge focus on identifying, arresting and charging those who are involved in the illegal drug trade, as well as drug users. At my firm, Mark Morasch, Attorney at Law, I am personally committed to each person I represent.

I served for 5 years as a prosecutor, and am proud to have been listed as one of Houston's Top Lawyers by H Texas Magazine. There is no question that the quality, connections in the justice system and trial skills of your defense counsel are extremely important factors in the outcome of your case. Even if you are innocent, don't assume you will walk away from the charges. Once a charge has been filed against you, it indicates that the prosecutor believes that there is sufficient evidence to convict. You have no option other than to fight back, and you need the right attorney representing you.

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Defendants have rights. Don't get railroaded by the tough Texas criminal justice system. Get an attorney on your side that offers information about former cases and is respected within the system. The person that stands between you and incarceration is your defense lawyer. A successful challenge of the details in the evidence in the case against you can be the most critical point in the final decision by a jury. There is an art to defense presentation. Get a professional working for you. Juries are people, and generally in this state, they love to convict. The conviction rate in Texas stands at about 84%, far higher than in many states. Talk to me and let me review the situation, and hear your side of the story. I will do everything possible to help you to avoid becoming just another statistic.

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