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Are you facing charges involving marijuana or a derivative? The penalties you could face in the State of Texas are exceptionally harsh, even for a very small quantity. At my firm, Mark Morasch, Attorney at Law, I represent individuals who are facing misdemeanor or felony marijuana charges. I am proud to have been rated "Superb" by Avvo, as well as having been named as one of Houston's Top Lawyer by H Texas Magazine.

As a former prosecutor, I understand the "other side" in a criminal case, and having handled thousands of drug and DWI cases gives me an exceptional level of insight into the justice process. Have you been charged with possession, possession with intent, cultivation, trafficking or other drug crime involving marijuana? I urge you to get in touch with my firm on an immediate basis. The earlier I look into the facts and evidence, and discuss your case with you, the better I can advise you about a strategy for your defense.

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In order to avoid conviction, you need a compelling defense case. There are various issues that could come into play in your case that could help you get favorable outcome, whether dismissed charges, reduced charges or an acquittal when the case makes it to trial. The various strategies to present on your behalf could include exposing rights violations in search and seizure, in the police stop, failures in the investigation, police misconduct or errors in the arrest, failures in the chain of custody of evidence or other problems.

The prosecutor may have a strong case against you—or may not. If not, you can be certain he or she will not tell you what the weaknesses in the case against you are. That is the job of your criminal defense lawyer. Let me review the facts in your case before you make any decision about who will represent you. My firm is known for professionalism and for providing an exceptional quality of defense counsel for drug crime cases, including those involving marijuana.

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