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In the state of Texas, drug trafficking is called delivery of a controlled substance. The charges for this crime can range from a state jail felony to a first degree felony. Delivery of 200 grams or more of cocaine can result in a minimum of 15 years up to lifetime incarceration and a fine of $250,000, the maximum penalty for a first degree felony drug charge. To put this in perspective, 200 grams equals 0.44 pounds, or 7.055 ounces.

Even the lighter charge of a state jail felony could have you facing 180 days to 2 years in state jail and/or up to $10,000 in fines, plus a life as a convicted felon afterward. If you are convicted, then this felony offense will be a stain on your record, always appearing on background checks when you apply for work or housing. Not only is your freedom at stake when you are charged with drug trafficking, but your future prospects could be devastated by a conviction as well.

If you are suspected of drug trafficking or arrested for delivery of a controlled substance, it is essential to obtain hard-hitting legal defense from a Houston drug crime lawyer. One slip up or a mistaken accusation should not harm you for the rest of your life. Mark Morasch believes that you should do everything in your power to prove yourself innocent. To learn more about delivery of a controlled substance and other drug charges, visit my blog.

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Drug trafficking is a serious drug crime in Texas. Mark Morasch represents those who have been charged with drug trafficking on any level. With experience as a former prosecutor, Mark Morasch understands the politics of the prosecution and can build a robust defense accordingly. Mark will do everything in his power to build a case that exposes the weak points of the charges brought against you. Using his experience and understanding of how the prosecutor thinks, Mark can build the strongest possible defense with the objective of having your charges dismissed or reduced.

Mark Morasch is a Houston drug crime attorney with more than 17 years of experience as a prosecutor and defense lawyer. Five years in a row, he was named one of Houston's Top Lawyers by H Texas Magazine. With Mark, you will find dedicated and aggressive defense of your rights and freedom. Consult Mark Morasch to obtain the legal defense you deserve. You can start today by filling out a free case evaluation and calling at any time to schedule an appointment.

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