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Methamphetamine use in Texas is on the rise. The manufacturing of Crystal Meth is a very dangerous process that involves the use of highly volatile chemicals. If you have been charged of operating a meth lab, you need to obtain a qualified and competent attorney to defend you. A skilled drug crimes attorney knows law enforcement and the District Attorneys. Houston methamphetamine lawyer Mark Morasch represents clients accused of operating meth labs.

Penalties for Manufacturing Methamphetamine

The penalties for operating a meth lab vary based on the amount of the methamphetamine found in your lab. Penalties for the manufacture of meth are the same as the penalties for possession with intent to distribute meth:

  • State jail felony: less than 1 gram of meth
  • Second-degree felony: between 1 and 4 grams
  • First-degree felony: 4 to 200 grams
  • Enhanced first-degree felony: 200 or more grams

200 grams is only a little more than 0.44 pounds, so you can be sentenced to life in prison for manufacturing a very small amount of meth. That's why you need an experienced and qualified attorney to defend your case.

Aggressive Houston Meth Crimes Defense Attorney

A meth lab operation conviction can change your life forever and send you to prison for a significant amount of time. You need an aggressive defender. Mark Morasch is a former prosecutor with more than 17 years of legal experience, and he works diligently to apply his experience to each case he represents.

To find out what Houston meth crimes attorney Mark Morasch may be able to do for you case, please arrange for a free consultation through his online case evaluation form. Contact his firm today.

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