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Drug crimes are heavily penalized in Texas. Any criminal accusation that you are involved in selling drugs is very serious. Criminal charges could be related to transporting, importing, and furnishing controlled substances to others, in small or larger quantities. If you have recently been arrested and charged with drug sales, your future freedom could be lost if you are convicted. You need the help of a highly experienced Houston criminal defense attorney.

In an attempt to discourage drug crimes, lawmakers have passed statutes that allow for heavy drug crime penalties. You could be made to face years in jail, large fines, probation, forfeiture of assets and more. Mark Morasch formerly served as a criminal prosecutor. He has a great deal of knowledge and insight into the criminal justice process, and he spent years at trial, prosecuting criminal offenses. This background has proven to be a significant advantage to his clients. With a thorough and clear understanding of how drug crime cases are managed by the prosecutor, he has been able to help many clients to have their charges dismissed or reduced. For those that go to trial, the defense case will be carefully crafted and presented. If you have been arrested for drug sales, you are facing felony charges, a real threat to your personal freedoms, now and in the future. Do not hesitate to speak with our Houston drug crimes attorney, Mark Morasch, on an immediate basis.

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When police suspect that an individual may be selling drugs, they coordinate operations in order to acquire evidence. Undercover officers enter a circle of friends of associates, gaining trust, and eventually purchasing drugs and subsequently arresting the seller. In some cases, there may be grounds for an entrapment defense. Your case should be reviewed at once to determine what strategy would best serve you, and has the highest possibility of reducing the damage. The length of the sentence imposed if you are convicted will be based upon the amount and type of drug in the case, but you can assume that any case involving sale of a controlled substance will involve a long period in state prison. Contact us today, before your case moves any further through the system. Our early involvement can mean the difference between a conviction and a dismissal or an acquittal.

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