Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance

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The law governing manufacture of a controlled substance and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance are found within the same statute. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has held that you cannot be charged with both manufacturing a controlled substance and then charged with possession with intent to deliver the same controlled substance. To allow the State of Texas to do so would punishing you twice for the same offense, and that would violate your constitutional rights against double jeopardy. If you have been charged with manufacturing a controlled substance, it is important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable Houston drug crime lawyer.

If you are a home chemist and have decided to manufacture ecstasy. Then you are arrested and convicted for manufacturing less than one gram of ecstasy, you can be sent to State Jail for minimum of 6 months and up to a maximum of 2 years, and fined $10,000.00. To read more about manufacturing a controlled substance visit my blog.

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