Charged With Possession of Cocaine?

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If you are found in possession of even a trace amount of a cocaine then you can be charged with a State Jail Felony. The DA must prove (1) that you knew that the substance was cocaine, and (2) that the cocaine was under your actual care, custody, control, or management.

Penalties for Possession of a Controlled Substance

There is a wide range of punishment for the charge of the possession of cocaine. The amount of the fine and the amount of jail or prison time depends on the amount of the cocaine that was found in your possession. If you have received a final conviction for possession of cocaine then you will also receive a driver's license suspension. You have received a final conviction for possession of cocaine if you have served time, or paid a fine and did not do probation. Less than one gram of cocaine can result in 2 years in state jail and up to a $10,000 fine. If you are found in possession of at least 4 grams but less than 200 grams of cocaine, then you can be sent to prison for 2 to 20 years and fined up to $10,000.00. To read more about possession of controlled substances visit my blog.

Fighting Cocaine Charges in Houston

Mark Morasch understands that you are in a very difficult situation if you have been found in the possession of cocaine in Texas. Email a Houston drug crime lawyer, Mark has the knowledge and experience to help you successfully defend your case. There are three ways to defend a cocaine possession case:

  • The substance wasn't cocaine
  • It was not your cocaine
  • Legal defenses such as an illegal search and seizure or an invalid search warrant

It is important to seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible from a skilled Houston drug possession attorney. Contact Mark today 713-got-Weed, that's 713-468-9333.

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